As Quiet As Can Be – Poetry from my past

You love standing there,
like the water washes away everything.
I’m standing in the window
looking out at you
amazed at all the passion
that is coming out of you.

You close your eyes
to feel it more, I know.

Your fingers run through your hair
and the water drips off your face.

Then something pours over me
to see you enjoying just feeling life.

I have a longing to go out and be with you,
but part of me would like to stay inside,
and watch the sight of you.

Twenty million tears are falling from the sky,
and for the first time, I realize the drops are coming from my eyes.
I know that you are so precious and I can’t freeze time.
I wish that forever you could be mine.

The more time I spend with you, the more time I lose.
But if I could go back, I know it’s still you I would choose.
It’s hard, knowing every day, I’m closer to losing you.

Looking out and seeing you
makes me smile inside.

I run back to the bed,
so you won’t know I was spying.
I wipe away my tears,
so you won’t know that I was crying.

In the dark, you change your wet clothes
and in the faint light, you stand
for a minute and look down on me.

Then you smile and get in the bed
I feel your lips on my cheek
and you petting my hair
then you whisper I love you
and get as close as possible to me.

As I feel your smooth arms
wrap themselves around me
a tear falls on the pillow
as quiet as can be.

I can hear bare feet
walking on the hardwood floor
I see your silhouette in the shadows
and your hand opening the door.

I know you like sneaking out
every time it rains.


Note: This is the first in the process of posting poetry from when I was younger (this particular piece is from between the ages of 10-14 (think middle school). I like that the style changes throughout, the same way the rain will change its own rhythm with gusts of wind or falling faster, softer, heavier, lighter, etc.


Published by roseskyewrite

Screenwriter, poet, dreamer Writing accomplishments: • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – Winner of Los Angeles Film Awards “Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)” (June 2018) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Semifinalist (2018) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi​ Pilot “Relics” –WAN Writers Workshop Finalist (2018) • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – Austin Film Festival Second Rounder (2019) • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – The Script Lab Free Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – WeScreenplay TV Contest Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – Creative World Awards Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics: - Chicago Screenplay Awards Quarterfinalist (2019)

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