About A Girl

We all know
how the story goes,
the Prince or Knight
fixing the damsel’s woes.

She, taught to wait,
by the guarded gates
for the handsome young suitor
to facilitate her escape.

She grooms her long hair,
puffs her singing voice with air,
practices her eyelash flutter,
dolls herself up with care.

In he rides,
on his steed or tides,
to be her hero
and get her to oblige.

For her freedom, a fee.
That is the key.
“Everything has a price,”
he tells her with glee.

That’s not what she read
in stories before bed.
They left out the part
about the price on her head.

Two options exist
equal in their twist.
A choice, she must make.
She cannot resist.

She could stay in her bubble,
avoid all the trouble,
and continue existing
until her prison turns to rubble.

Or, she could submit,
lie there complicit.
Give him the payment.
Sounds simple, but is it?

To surrender her virtue,
accept the promise, “I won’t hurt you,”
obey his commands;
every rule, every curfew.

To belong to him; mind, body, and soul,
from now until she grows old
to pay for her life with her life,
and accept his smile and his scold.

A small voice inside
that could no longer hide
said, “you forget option three
so listen and imbibe.”

In her eyes,
to his surprise,
the damsel’s strength ignites,
suddenly realized.

“I say no to your offer.
I am not your coffer.
I shall reject
all the obvious proffers.”

The handsome man doesn’t like this,
told no by lips he might kiss.
“That’s not how it goes,” he says,
gritting his teeth with a hiss.

“It is now,”
she states tall and proud,
and what she does next
leaves no room for doubt.

The dame grabs his sword,
fights him and the hoard
of make-believe creatures
giving her forced room and board.

To her and everyone’s surprise,
she saw through the fairytale guise.
She sets herself free,
becomes her prize.

She rides off on the steed or seas
after completing the deed,
in search of other damsels,
of different endings, they’re in need.

Throughout every land, she goes
to every bard, her story she’ll disclose
about the damsel braving her distress,
and the status quo to oppose.


Published by roseskyewrite

Screenwriter, poet, dreamer Writing accomplishments: • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – Winner of Los Angeles Film Awards “Best First Time Screenwriter (Feature)” (June 2018) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Semifinalist (2018) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi​ Pilot “Relics” –WAN Writers Workshop Finalist (2018) • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – Austin Film Festival Second Rounder (2019) • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – The Script Lab Free Screenplay Contest Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – WeScreenplay TV Contest Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – Creative World Awards Quarterfinalist (2019) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics: - Chicago Screenplay Awards Quarterfinalist (2019)

2 thoughts on “About A Girl

  1. Wow, this is great. Unexpected, but very true. We do live in a world that treats women that way and women have no choice but to be brave and tough, to take control.
    Well written.


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