About Rose

A writer bravely facing her imposter syndrome to share the stories that relentlessly haunt her thoughts (prevent her from sleeping, having her making abundant notes in her cell phone, or writing random stanzas or plotlines on napkins in restaurants…sitting across from company who mostly share the same confused expression at her sudden excitement and whispering to herself).

Scripts are mostly female-driven and written with diversity in film and television as part of their intent. Poems are mostly her thoughts and feelings filtered through line breaks and imagery. The short stories are the result of both random creativity and assignments used to help get her master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. The thoughts are…you know…thoughts.

She resides in New Jersey and firmly believes that since The Garden State has produced so many other successes, her chances of accomplishing her dreams are decent. One day, she hopes to have a compelling reason to relocate to L.A. She believes in the power of hot tea and ramen to solve almost any problem. Since she cannot stop writing, she’ll continue, whether or not she is ever successful. When she started her journey, her hope was if one person (other than her mother) read her work and was moved by it, then she did all right.

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