Category: Feature Script Genre: Drama, Fantasy Logline: An addict-in-denial businessman, on his way to Las Vegas, picks up a girl wandering in the desert who overhauls his perspective on life, while her mysterious past hunts them both down. Wonderful’s Accomplishments: • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – Austin Film Festival Second Rounder (2019) • Feature Drama Script “Wonderful” – TheContinue reading “Wonderful”



Category: TV Pilot (One-hour) Genre: Drama, Science Fiction Logline: In post-apocalyptic, quasi-feudal NYC, a princess on the verge of becoming queen spends her nights secretly undermining her soon-to-be throne by stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Relics’ Accomplishments • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” – ScreenCraft Pilot Launch Semifinalist (2018) • TV Drama/Sci-Fi Pilot “Relics” –WAN WritersContinue reading “Relics”

“I” of the Storm

The truth is There is always a storm raging on Jupiter That we pretend to understand Because we observe it at a distance The truth is To Jupiter We are just another place the sun shines The truth is Sometimes I feel like an astronomer Looking through a telescope at my own life Where theContinue reading ““I” of the Storm”