“I” of the Storm

The truth is There is always a storm raging on Jupiter That we pretend to understand Because we observe it at a distance The truth is To Jupiter We are just another place the sun shines The truth is Sometimes I feel like an astronomer Looking through a telescope at my own life Where theContinue reading ““I” of the Storm”


These Heartstrings

these heartstrings is an exploration of life through poetry, from its beginnings, through its trials, celebrating its triumphs, and learning from its pains. This collection is presented in five parts (introductions, abuses, illnesses, loves, and farewells) uncovering the good and bad of existing,  and declaring that life is beautiful because of it all. This isContinue reading “These Heartstrings”

The Black In My Pen Ink Has Ancestors

Okay Let’s play it your way. Slavery was a choice, you say? Black people chose to live this way? Now, most of us question you like, how sway? Changing the acronym to fit what would Jay-Z say. Part of me, in the benefit of the doubt kind of way Wants to think you mean weContinue reading “The Black In My Pen Ink Has Ancestors”