Where Have I Been?

It seems like I started a website about writing stories, indulging in poetry, and sharing my thoughts…and then I disappeared. That’s exactly what happened. It was not intentional, I promise, but I am truly starting to appreciate the phrase, “life happens.” In my case, I have two autoimmune diseases that refuse to go into remission,Continue reading “Where Have I Been?”


The Creativity Paradox

I consider myself to be a creative person and an artist. Those considerations are otherwise subjective to those who view my works. I try to create multiple times a day. I have several projects working at once so when I get stuck working towards one, I can return to another and approach it with any freshContinue reading “The Creativity Paradox”

Happen to Be

**Please see the passage after the poem for more information. Title: Happen to Be I happen to be from the school that’s been on the news if many come to mind, you pick, you choose. A school with its misfits, scholars, a gym, maybe a pool, with girls who giggle, and boys who want toContinue reading “Happen to Be”