About A Girl

We all know how the story goes, the Prince or Knight fixing the damsel’s woes. She, taught to wait, by the guarded gates for the handsome young suitor to facilitate her escape. She grooms her long hair, puffs her singing voice with air, practices her eyelash flutter, dolls herself up with care. In he rides,Continue reading “About A Girl”


Missed Appointment

Death was always accurate; not a moment too soon and not a minute too late. He kept a stopwatch, and always minded the hour. He held himself presentably; nothing less than a three-piece suit, shoes always polished, and an overcoat for chilly weather. He needed to be efficient, but pleasant. Some protested his arrival, thoughContinue reading “Missed Appointment”

Lost Girl

One day, I ended up among one-sided socks, misplaced keys, piles of couch change, pieces of toys, earring backs, and that one shoe. The landscape of the absent only remembered upon seeing them again. A terrain made of the out of sight and out of mind for too long. I wondered how I ended upContinue reading “Lost Girl”