Similes For Something Like Love – Poetry from my past

as the reflection of the water
danced across your face
like a piano players hands
gently prancing upon the keys…

as your fingers gently
brushed against my skin
like a wave
washing up on its shore…

the way the moon gave your face
this loving glow
as it would
the petals of a fresh picked rose…

the way you tilted my chin up
for our eyes to meet
as if trying to enter into
the gateways of my soul…

the way you wrapped a blanket
around me
when you saw the slightest shiver
escape my body…

the way you left your arm around me
and pulled me closer
as if to say
“I want to stay forever.”

the night caressed us
like its precious children
and beneath a cover of twinkling stars
we fell asleep in each other’s loving arms…

Reckons and Regards

I look at you and wonder
how much you cost,
what prices you have paid in life,
how much you have lost.

I look at you and wonder
what I have to give
to walk hand in hand with you;
the honor to watch you live.

I look at you and wonder
what makes your skies turn grey?
What puts frown lines on your face
and how to make it go away?

I look at you and wonder
what kind of magic is in your laugh,
if you have heaven in your eyes,
and could it be held in a photograph?

I look at you and wonder
what makes your body electric?
What things cause it to spark and shiver
making it alive and hectic?

I look at you and wonder
where your timeline ends.
What do we end up as?
Lovers or simply just friends?

But, most of all,
beneath the shade of these branches
on a breezy summer’s day,
I look at you and wonder if
you’re looking at me the same way.

Love Game – Poetry from my past

love is like a game
that some don’t know how to play
sometimes when its real it lasts forever
sometimes it only lasts one day

some have been in love
maybe once or twice
some have loved much more than that
but they make a very big sacrifice

each time you give a piece of your heart
and also a piece of your soul
you don’t realize it until its completely gone
and others will never even know

but one day it will come the time
for you to find your special one
it will be laughing, crying, caring, sighing
but most of all it will be fun

*Note: this is another poem written between the ages of 10-14. Not one of my best, but I think it’s an excellent example of how my writing and style have changed over time.

The Soul and The Stranger – Poetry from my past

a well-known stranger
that goes around from soul to soul


the stranger is hungry
hungry for intimacy


the soul feeds on the stranger

the soul is captures
the stranger has entered
and engulfed
engulfed the entire soul
in the hands of the stranger

now the stranger must choose
to treat well
or treat badly
to stay
or to go

what to do
the stranger doesn’t know


the stranger is frightened
the soul wants the stranger
to stay
the reason unknown


the stranger has to make
a decision

the soul can do nothing
the choice
in the hands of the stranger
the soul must wait


on the word
of a stranger

For You

for me

heed the call
for me

risk it all
for me


have a ball
for me

be small
for me

stand tall
for me


lose your gall
for me

bare it all
for me

against the wall
for me

for me

for me

until I make you bawl
for me


be a screwball
for me

wither wherewithal
for me

to mothballs
for me

the long haul
for me

until they bear palls
for me


for you


are my destiny

Wonder – Poetry from my past

now that I have you
seems like the world wants you
and I wonder

me in your arms
you in my arms
and I wonder

the moon is full
stars bright
you look patiently into my eyes
and I wonder

you whisper in my ear
saying “I love you”
and I wonder

I wonder
if I’m the one you think about before you sleep at night
if I’m the one you really see when you look at me the way you do

while all I do

is sit here and wonder


am I the right one for you


Is my body
a mere distraction?

Does it light up
when you look at it?

Does it make your mouth water
like Pavlov’s dog
with just the bell?

Does it move you to action;
biting your tongue,
and clenching your fists
to stop you from touching?

Do you think it will sing
like a violin
when you stroke your fingers
over its strings?

“Not here?”
“Then where?”
“Too fast.”
“Not enough.”

When you’ve recovered
from the overstimulation
at the mercy of it,
will I count as a lover?

Or just a mere distraction?

Stronger Than – Poetry from my past

the arms where I took refuge
the arms that held me close
are the same arms that now push me away
and I thought I mattered to you most

you’re slowly taking my heart
and ripping it to shreds
when I just finished picking up the pieces
now without it I’m as good as dead

the way you used to hold me
and kiss me on my cheek
and say “I love you”
and help me stand when I was weak

all of that has gone away
the passion absent from your eyes
the love that used to be in your heart
to me this is one big surprise

you promised this wouldn’t happen
and I believed it to be true
you said you’d always love me
but a promise is a comfort to a fool

thank you for ripping my heart out
thank you for crushing my dreams
I thought telling you my feelings would be hard
but things are not as hard as they seem


Note: This poem is older than the previous post. It tries to find hope at the end I think. Also, my not so subtle sampling of a Bob Marley lyric.

As Quiet As Can Be – Poetry from my past

You love standing there,
like the water washes away everything.
I’m standing in the window
looking out at you
amazed at all the passion
that is coming out of you.

You close your eyes
to feel it more, I know.

Your fingers run through your hair
and the water drips off your face.

Then something pours over me
to see you enjoying just feeling life.

I have a longing to go out and be with you,
but part of me would like to stay inside,
and watch the sight of you.

Twenty million tears are falling from the sky,
and for the first time, I realize the drops are coming from my eyes.
I know that you are so precious and I can’t freeze time.
I wish that forever you could be mine.

The more time I spend with you, the more time I lose.
But if I could go back, I know it’s still you I would choose.
It’s hard, knowing every day, I’m closer to losing you.

Looking out and seeing you
makes me smile inside.

I run back to the bed,
so you won’t know I was spying.
I wipe away my tears,
so you won’t know that I was crying.

In the dark, you change your wet clothes
and in the faint light, you stand
for a minute and look down on me.

Then you smile and get in the bed
I feel your lips on my cheek
and you petting my hair
then you whisper I love you
and get as close as possible to me.

As I feel your smooth arms
wrap themselves around me
a tear falls on the pillow
as quiet as can be.

I can hear bare feet
walking on the hardwood floor
I see your silhouette in the shadows
and your hand opening the door.

I know you like sneaking out
every time it rains.


Note: This is the first in the process of posting poetry from when I was younger (this particular piece is from between the ages of 10-14 (think middle school). I like that the style changes throughout, the same way the rain will change its own rhythm with gusts of wind or falling faster, softer, heavier, lighter, etc.

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